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Game: Nov. 3, 1995, New Jersey at Toronto

Tip-off: Ed Pinckvey vs. Yinka Dave

Point: Alvin Robertson, 18 seconds into the game

Field goal: Alvin Robertson (3 FG)

Field goal attempt: Alvin Robertson (good)

3-point FG: Alvin Robertson

3-point FG attempt: Alvin Robertson (good)

2-point FG: Ed Pinckney

Free throw: Ed Pinckney (miss)

Made free throw: Acie Earl

Rebound: Damon Stoudamire

Offensive rebound: Carlos Rogers

Assist: Zan Tabak

Dunk: Ed Pinckney

Steal: Damon Stoudamire

Blocked shot: Acie Earl

Foul: Damon Stoudamire

Offensive foul: Alvin Robertson

Turnover: Zan Tabak

Substitute: Willie Anderson (for Robertson)

Double-double: Damon Stoudamire (10 pts, 10 asts, Nov. 3, 1995 vs. N.J.)

Triple-double: Damon Stoudamire (20 pts, 11 asts, 12 rebs, Nov. 21, 1995 vs. Sea)

Player to foul out: John Salley (Nov. 4, 1995 at Ind)

Ejection: Oliver Miller (Dec. 5, 1995 at Sea)

Suspension: Oliver Miller (Nov. 3, 1995 vs. NJ)

Technical foul: Alvin Robertson (Nov. 7, 1995 at Chi)

Sellout: Nov. 3, 1995 vs. NJ (33,306)

Overtime: Nov. 11, 1995 at Cha (123-117 loss)

Overtime victory: Feb. 3, 1996 at LAC (119-113 win)

Road victory: Nov. 18, 1995 at Was (103-102 win)

Home loss: Nov. 8, 1995 vs. Sac (109-90 loss)

Preseason game: Oct. 14, 1995 vs. Phi at Halifax, NS (120-107 win)

Preseason game in Toronto: Oct. 18, 1995 vs. Atl (99-95 loss)

Player: B.J. Armstrong (selected in the expansion draft, June 24, 1995)

Coach: Brendan Malone (hired, June 2, 1995)

College draft pick: Damon Stoudamire (June 28, 1995)

Trade: Acquired Carlos Rogers, Victor Alexander and the rights to Dwayne Whitfield, Martin

Lewis and Michael McDonald from Golden State for B.J. Armstrong (Sept. 18, 1995)

Post-season award: Damon Stoudamire, Rookie of the Year (May 15, 1996)

Captain: Damon Stoudamire (named Oct. 3, 1996)

10-day contract: Dan O’Sullivan (April 9, 1996)

Game at Air Canada Centre: Feb. 21, 1999 vs. Vancouver

Starting lineup at ACC: Vince Carter, Charles Oakley, Kevin Willis, Doug Christie, Alvin Williams

Point at ACC: Vince Carter, 14 seconds into the game

Playoff game: April 23, 2000 Toronto at New York

Playoff game in Toronto: April 30, 2000 New York at Toronto

Playoff Point: Tracy McGrady, April 23, 2000, Toronto at New York

Playoff victory: April 25, 2001 at New York, Toronto 94, New York 74

Playoff victory in Toronto: May 2, Toronto 100, New York 93

Playoff series win: May 4, 2001 at New York, Toronto 93, New York 89

Eastern Conference Semifinal game: May 6, 2001 at Philadelphia

Eastern Conference Semifinal victory: May 6, 2001 at Philadelphia, Toronto 96, Philadelphia 93

Eastern Conference Semifinal game in Toronto: May 11, 2001, Philadelphia at Toronto

Eastern Conference Semifinal victory in Toronto: May 11, 2001, Toronto 102, Philadelphia 78

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Did You Know?

Lenny Wilkens became the all-time lossingest coach while coaching the Raptors.